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Budget ins and outs.

An attempt to explain and visualize government budget for everyone.

_ Bn EGP


_ %


_ Bn EGP


Main Areas of Government Expenditure


from the budget


compared last year

_ Bn EGP

in 2014

Average Expenditure per Capita

20,606 EGP

of Total Debt

5,000 EGP

of Education Expenditure

493 EGP

of Health Expenditure

9,249 EGP

of Total Expenditure
Evolution of per capita total expenditure

Geographic Distribution of Investment

  Investments allocated to government agencies geographically distributed across Egypt.

100% 100/100

of Total Investment

% 100

of Total Population

82.5 Million

Total Population



National Debt

A debt owed due to accumulated budget deficits. It can be categorized as internal debt and external debt،

196.75 Bn EGP

Foreign Debt

1.531 Tr EGP

Domestic Debt

1.728 Tr EGP

Gross public debt

240 Bn EGP

Overall budgetary deficit

98 %

Debt-to-GDP ratio

1.753 Tr EGP

Gross domestic product

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  1. المصروفات هي ما تقوم الدولة بإعادة إنفاقه من أموالنا على الأنشطة والمشروعات والخدمات المقدمة لنا في مجالات عديدة.

  2. The difference between state revenues and expenses during a fiscal year.

  3. The income of a government from all sources appropriated for the payment of the public expenses.

  4. الموازنة هي برنامج حكومي عن سنة مالية مقبلة لتحقيق أهداف محددة وفقًا للخطة العامة للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية وتتضمن تقدير المصروفات والإيرادات

  5. مجموع الدين الحكومي مضافاً إلية صافى مديونية بنك الإستثمار القومي.

  6. a country's debt that was borrowed from foreign lenders including commercial banks, governments or international financial institutions

  7. The value of a country's overall output of goods and services (typically during one fiscal year). and it's used to calculate the rate of growth in the economy.

  8. According to Ministry of Adminstrative Development

  9. Students only Number of benficiaries of education services is about 19 Million Students

  10. Estimated: Dividing total debt over total population

  11. The number of public and university hospitals is about 717 hospitals and 98.3 thousand beds serving about 82 million people